Stimulus Ry

Stimulus Ry is a student organization of the psychology students in the University of Jyväskylä. It's established in 1962 and by far it's one of the most active subject organizations in JYU.

The mission of Stimulus is to work as an advocacy group of the psychology students, represent its members in the development of the overall studying conditions, help its members to get the best out of the studying and most importantly familiarize its new members to the student life in Jyväskylä.

Our student organization takes also care of the quality and fluency of the education. Stimulus maintains strong connections to the other student organizations as well as to the other organizations in the field of psychology. Stimulus has many possibilities to offer to its members; all kinds of free-time activities, different trainings, fun parties and the list just goes on!

Section for exchange students

Stimulus has a section for exchange students who study psychology in the University of Jyväskylä. The section is not officially a part of Stimulus, but more like a club attached to it so that also the exchange students are entitled to the membership benefits via the exchange section. Membership benefits consists of discounts to multiple stores and restaurants in Jyväskylä, and the list of all of these places can be found on the Facebook group of international psychology students in JYU (notice that new group is established at the beginning of every semester). The benefits can be taken in use with Stimulus sticker, which the students get when they join the exchange student section. Members of the exchange student section are also entitled to attend events that require a registration on the Stimulus website.

The upcoming events can be found under the title "Toiminta" and then "Tapahtumat". The international correspondents of Stimulus will gladly help you with your registration in case you need any guidance. As the section is not officially part of Stimulus, the exchange students are not allowed to attend the Stimulus board meetings. Exchange students can join the section by paying membership fee (5 euros) to Stimulus' account: FI31 5290 0240 1429 09, with reference number 102034. By showing your receipt of the payment, the international correspondents will give you the Stimulus sticker which entitles you to the membership benefits. The membership is valid through your whole exchange period. Notice that membership is meant only for exchange students who study psychology in the University of Jyväskylä.

The rules of the online sign up and participation for the Stimulus events

1. If you have signed up for an event, you are committed to pay the possible participation fee to the given account with a reference number/message by the time of the due date.

2. The sign up of the people on the waiting list is also binding when the sign up is still open on the website. However, if you're on the waiting list and don't make it to the quota, you're not obligated to pay the fee of the event.

3. If you can't make it to the event, you have to cancel your participation before the sign up closes on the website. If the sign up on the website is already closed and you can't make it to the event (in the case of sickness etc.), you are obligated to report about your cancellation to the correspondant of the event.

4. The sign up for the free events is also binding. If the person repeadetly misses the events she/he has signed up for, the right to take part to the events can be withholded from her/him.

5. Also the people on the waiting list need to cancel their participation if they are not going to take part on the event.

6. The cancellation of the participation happens by contacting the correspondent of the event via email or phone.

7. If the cancellation is not handled in the right way or in the given time, the person is obligated to pay the enrolment fee, even though she/he wouldn't take part to the event.

8. If the time limit for cancelling your participation has been closed you can sell your participation forward. In this situation it is on the sellers responsibility to pass on the payment instructions to the buyer, because if the payment is delayed or missing the consequences are directed to the person who originally signed up for the event. This person is also obligated to report the name of the new participant/payer to the Stimulus' accountant and to the person who is in charge of the event. The original person who signed up for the event is therefore obligated to make sure that the participation fee is payed on the Stimulus' bank account.

9. If the participation fee has not been registered on Stimulus' bank account within 7 days from the given due date, a notification will be sent to the participant.

10. If the payment has not been delivered within 3 weeks from the due date, another notification will be sent to the participant and the participant will be added to the Stimulus' black list.

11. A person who is on the black list is not entitled to participate the Stimulus' events, and this includes both free and chargeable events. The event registration of the person on the black list is deleted without a warning.

12. You can get off the black list by paying your undone payments and by reporting the payments to the Stimulus' accountant.

13. You are not allowed to bring any illegal substances to Stimulus' events or participate the events under the influence. The person who has brought narcotics to the event or is caught using them will be expelled from the event location and will also receive a ban to Stimulus' events for the next 3-12 months. In problematic situations the police will be contacted.

14. Photos taken in the Stimulus' events are published only on Stimulus' own social media, eg. Facebook and Instagram. The event participant is committed to notify the Stimulus' public communicator if the participant does not want photos of them to be published.